September 6, 2018 Just Blow It Orlando

2nd Annual Babes in Business Event


Hello JBI beauties!

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: we are so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community! Where else can you go and get the small town feel with the big city vibe all in one? Orlando truly is one of kind. We are honored to be just one of the hundreds of fabulous small businesses that make Orlando so special. Somehow, every year still manages to surprise us and this year was no different. We hosted over 70 beautiful women in our home (Just Blow It) for this event! And let me tell you: It. Was. Awesome.


We had some new fun sponsors for the Babes in Business event this year. Starting with Cycle Bar Winter Park: the hottest workout trend to hit our little town in a while. They have perfected the workout experience with amazing instructors and even better music. Seriously, it is the most fun you will ever have on two wheels! To make things even cooler, Cycle Bar Winter Park is owned and operated by one of our very own clients (girl power)! And they were recently awarded the coveted Best of Orlando 2018 in the “Best Gym” and “Best Group Fitness” categories. We are so proud to know them. You go girls!


VIP Sponsor Special Treats by Tanya also joined the event this year– and we must say, she was a hit! We had never seen it done, but Tanya managed to create THE CUTEST cake pops that looked like ice cream cones! Check them out below. Adorable. Tanya has not only mastered her craft, but she is one of the sweetest, most genuine humans we have ever had the pleasure to work with. She donated her product and time for the event and we are so grateful that she did, because we were able to share her with you!




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But of course, the reason  everyone came was for the guest speakers. Like the year before, we invited a panel of speakers: 3 motivating business women in Orlando. They each told their story of how they came to be #ORLbabesinbusiness and even shared helpful tips on how others can get started on their journey. Each of them were different– different personalities, conquering different industries, etc., but at the same time their messages overlapped, showing us that no matter the end result the hustle is still the same. We could not be more grateful for the information and time they shared.

Who was on this panel?

Sarah K., Owner of Forema Boutique. Forema is a local boutique that started in Fort Myers in 2011 and later launched in Central Florida in 2013, expanding with a THIRD store in 2015. What makes Sarah so unique is how she injected her beautiful soul and personality into her shops. We see new boutiques open up here and there all the time, but what sets Forema apart is the experience you encounter each and every time you walk in their doors. Even more impressive, is that Sarah was able to not only build a brand, but expand it! Sarah talked about how many “no’s” she got before opening her first location. Something we can probably all relate to. However, through persistence (and maybe a little stalking LOL/jk) she was able to build her empire.

Megan Seamans, Life Coach. Sometimes, when you hear life coach you can think “eh, not for me.” But Megan’s knowledge blows our minds! She pushes you to get out of your head and think bigger. It sounds easy, but it’s not! She asks questions that really get you thinking. But the best part of Megan’s message at the event was the concrete steps she shared for growing your business such as regular engagement, being sure to not just “sell” all the time, and always providing your audience with value.

Lindsay P., Owner/Founder of TELETIES. TELETIES is the super cute, functional hair tie with a strong but gentle grip that won’t cause hair breakage or headaches. The perfect go-to hair accessory: an all-in-one hair tie that doubles as a stackable bracelet when not in your hair. Lindsay named herself a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the repeated challenge. She told the story of how she started TELETIES out of her garage and even took 2 years to develop the materials for her product. She embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, and it was a sight to see.


What was the gist of this jam?

Be consistent. You gotta show up everyday! Social media can seem like a loud and daunting place to be sometimes, or at the same time, like no one’s really listening or seeing what you put out there– but the reality is that they do! It may seem like no one cares about what you post, or you’re not getting enough likes, etc. However, the key is in the consistency. Consistency gives you credibility. The moment you get bored with your posts, your product, your voice, is the moment that other will lose interest in you as well.

PerseveranceDon’t give up. You will hear hundreds of “no’s” before you get that all powerful “yes”, and that is okay! The important thing is to learn from the “no’s” and how to decipher them. Usually it doesn’t really mean no, it’s just an easier answer than “I’m not sure”, “I don’t know”, or “I am not ready to give you an answer”. Learn to key in on the differences and do not be afraid to come back to the person that already told you no, perhaps with a different angle or new take on your sale.

Personality is key. This was a reoccurring theme from last year’s babes– which goes to show you how important it really is. Your personality is your biggest asset. Your followers want to know the BABE BEHIND THE BUSINESS. It is up to you to decide how much of your personal life you want to share, but shedding some light into your world definitely makes a difference. The same question was asked multiple times at the event: “Should you keep your personal account and business account separate?”. In the end, the choice is yours but the fact is undeniable– your audience love it when you are real and let them inside. Show yourself in a real light and show yourself in the moment. Part of the appeal is FOMO! It doesn’t have to be perfect… it just has to be you!





Over 70 boss babes came to the event. Artists, bloggers, sales women, real estate agents, boutique owners, PR and corporate professionals, and many more. It was fascinating to see different types of women, with different goals, all come together in one space! To us, these moments and wins make all the hard work worth it! We are honored to be able to share our journeys with new business women, even if it only helps one person. We have now hosted our SECOND networking event, and can’t wait for more! For those of you who missed it, stay tuned—this is just the beginning! Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on all JBI events and workshops. We look forward to meeting more #ORLbabesinbusiness in the years to come.


Erica + Katie