September 22, 2017 Just Blow It Orlando

Babes in Business

Hello JBI beauties!

We hope everyone is safe from all of the craziness going on! Here at Just Blow It, we are feeling so grateful for the community we live in. The Thursday before Hurricane Irma blew over Florida, Just Blow It hosted the first ever Babes in Business Networking Event to celebrate all the amazing women rocking their industry here in Orlando. We have been wanting to have an event like this for a while because everywhere we go, we meet strong women that inspire us to be better.

First off, it was just PERFECT that the Babes in Business event was sponsored by Babe Rosé! The newest trend by Swish Beverages is a delicious Rosé with bubbles that comes in the cutest cans! Yep, I said CANS! I swear it makes it taste better (I know you are thinking it doesn’t) but it does! We also had their original line, White Girl Rosé— just as fab, without the bubbles.

In addition, one of our favorite beauty clothing brands, Lash + Love Apparel, also sponsored the event. Every attendee received gorg little lash compact mirrors in their swag bags! If you love all things lash, you MUST check out their IG shop @lashloveapparel! Use CODE justblowit for a 10% discount.

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The highlight of the night were our co-hosts. We invited a panel of 3 successful and motivating business women—Orlando celebs, if you will. They each told stories of how they came to be #ORLbabesinbusiness and they gave super helpful tips and tricks on how to get started. These girl bosses are such a wonderful example of women conquering their industries in our community. We could not be more grateful for the information and time they shared.

Who was on this panel?

Sam from Gypset is a jewelry designing badass that started with an Etsy shop 2 years ago and has since SKYROCKETED her business into a mobile boutique popping up in the hottest spots in Orlando. With over 24k followers on IG, she has proven to be a trendsetter and successful #babeinbusiness.

Rae from XL106.7 is everyone’s favorite on-air radio personality and Orlando’s #LiveLikeALocal addict. She is the BIGGEST supporter of all small businesses in Orlando and her positive, warm, outgoing personality is contagious, to say the least. You don’t need an LLC to be a Babe in Business. This babe markets herself everyday and never compromises who she is.

Sara from Find Your Fiber is a fiber arts and creative mastermind with a powerful passion for Orlando and personal branding. This babe’s business is booming! Additionally, she thrives on teaching the community with hands-on workshops. Her innovative consulting and branding knowledge made her the perfect culmination to this trio of panelists.


What was the gist of this jam?

Stay true to you. Starting a business is tough. There are hundreds of things to consider and you get a lot of pressure to be something that you are not. Don’t do it! Run your business (and your life) with purpose, and make sure that it is YOUR PURPOSE! Do you girl, and don’t for a second think that isn’t good enough.

Find your tribe. Grab the women that you LOVE and keep them close. These women should lift you up and make you better. Reach out to that insta-friend or boss babe neighbor and have a real-life cup of coffee! Partner with your competition so you can both succeed, rather than trying to outdo each other. Be competitive, but in a good way. Good for one is good for all.

Personality is key. Your personality is your biggest asset. Your followers want to know the BABE BEHIND THE BUSINESS. How much is too much? That is for YOU to decide. Show yourself in a real light and show yourself in the moment. Part of the appeal is FOMO! It doesn’t have to be perfect… it just has to be you!

Followers are just a number. Followers are not helpful to you or your business if they are not real. Thinking about buying followers? Don’t. They aren’t good for your business in the long run and in turn, they aren’t good for you. Take an organic approach and put in the work to gain the life-long followers that will love to watch you grow. In the end, it will be well worth it!


Nearly 50 boss babes came to the event. Bloggers, business owners, real estate agents, corporate professionals– it was fascinating to see women supporting each other! These moments are what it’s all about. We are so thrilled to have hosted our first networking event and its success has fueled us to continue to do more. For those of you who missed it, stay tuned—this is just the beginning! Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on all JBI events and workshops. We look forward to meeting tons more #ORLbabesinbusiness!


Katie + Erica

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