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Hair and Makeup Bridal Packages in Orlando

Did you just get engaged?

Hair and Makeup Bridal Packages Orlando

We know your to-do list just got super long!

In fact, it’s borderline never-ending.

Most wedding blogs make long and tedious lists of every little thing you need to do to plan a successful wedding.

Somewhere on that list is your hair and makeup bridal package.

The first thing you ask yourself is: “Can I do this myself?”

What you should ask is: “Do I want to do this myself?”

After all, it’s YOUR wedding day. The one day that you are literally the most important person in the room.

Your family and friends are traveling to see YOU pledge to spend forever with the person of your dreams.

Although you might be able to do an amazing job with your hair and makeup, Just Blow It believes that every bride should be pampered and catered to.

Hair and Makeup Bridal Packages Orlando

Allow someone else to get their hands dirty and do all the fine details of glamming you up.

How to Choose a Hair and Makeup Salon

There are tons of salons out there. To pick the right one for your needs, do your research. Make a shortlist of 5-10 salons that catch your eye, then give them a call.

Go to Great Lengths to Find the Perfect Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup Place

Here are some tips for finding the right salon:

Talk to a Manager → If you want the best information, go straight to the source. Ask for the manager and tell them why you’re calling – a good salon won’t mind all the questions. Request a portfolio of past work, which can be emailed or displayed in person.

Get the Right Stylist → Make sure you’re paired with a stylist that has a similar style to your own. Every stylist is different, and it is very important you find one that fits with your unique preferences.

Hair and Makeup Bridal Packages

Did you know that there are professionals out there that specialize in both bridal hair and makeup?


You don’t need to waste valuable time and effort getting double teamed with stylists.

Hair and Makeup Bridal Packages Orlando

Get ONE stylist that makes the effort to get to know you personally. Your personal stylists will then help to bring your style and beauty visions to life.

Trial and Error

Our wedding makeup artist recommends doing a few wedding hairstyles and makeup trials before the big day.

There are a million things that could go wrong.

You don’t want one of those to be the way you look.

A trial session moreover provides an opportunity to build a relationship with your stylist and trust that she will give you everything you want… and more!

When Should You Do the Trial?

That is a question we get all the time. Here are a few rules of thumb:

If you change your mind A LOT, don’t do your trial until roughly 2 weeks before your wedding.

If your bridal hair and makeup looks are set in stone, schedule the test appointment several months in advance.

When the deed is done, it will be one less thing to check off that list.

Remember: You can ease wedding day worries by being a little flexible. Additionally, don’t do it all alone. Ask your stylist for their opinion. Your stylist might have a style or technique that would look better with your hair type, face shape, or eye type, for example.

Specialists who are trained to do makeup and wedding hairstyles do this for a living. So…utilize this knowledge and expertise!

In-Home or In-Salon Services

Decide whether you want to go to the salon or have the salon come to you. Chances are, this decision ultimately rests on the budget you’re working with.

Here’s How to Stay on Budget

Everyone knows the second you mention the word “wedding”, the cost of anything doubles.

This doesn’t have to necessarily be the case.

If you’re on a budget, go to the salon. Most of the time, the prices are reasonable, and the salons are equipped to handle everyone in your wedding party at the same time.

Don’t assume having the salon come to you will make your experience easier, either. If you don’t have ample space for multiple people to get ready at the same time, or if you don’t have enough stylists, you can end up cramped in a small place for 4+ hours.

On the other hand, you CAN find a super cute salon that everyone in your wedding party can have a blast at. Plus, you don’t need to clean up afterwards! Bring some snacks and drinks and you’ll have a bonified pre-party at a very reasonable price!

Start Now: A Serious Skincare Routine

No matter how good you think your skin is, it can most certainly be better!

Brides-to-be don’t necessarily need regular facials. The key is taking a military approach to skincare. This means spending a few minutes every day cleansing and nourishing your skin.

Ever wonder why some people’s makeup looks cakey? It’s because the skin is dry, and the right makeup isn’t being used for this skin type. In addition to finding the right makeup, one of the most crucial ways to caring for your skin is keeping it moisturized.

The Take-Home Message

Don’t do your own hair and makeup on your wedding day – relax and let someone else (a professional wedding makeup artist and stylist) do it for you. To summarize, we’ve created a mini-checklist for wedding hair and makeup:

 Research: → Do your research and find the right place.

 Budget → Figure out how much you would like to spend on your wedding day hair and makeup.

 Home vs. Salon Makeup Bridal Packages → Decide if you want to go to a salon or the salon to come to you.

 Bridal Party Size → Decide how many people to include in your hair and makeup bridal package

 Salon Size → Verify the salon you choose can accommodate this number.

 Fit Stylist → Find a stylist that is experienced and helpful and use their knowledge to make you be the best possible version of yourself on your wedding day!

 Skin TLC → Start a skin care routine that will make you GLOW!

Most importantly, sit back relax and enjoy the ride. The hardest part (finding a man worthy of your lifelong love) is DONE!

All the planning you’ve put into your wedding day is to ensure it goes smooth and stress-free.

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