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Holiday Hair & Makeup Tips From Just Blow It Orlando, Professional Hair & Makeup Bar

Everything about the holidays is glitz and glam. From the glistening décor that lights up the night to the glowing ornaments on our trees, most of us go all out to make this time of year a memorable one.

While taking care of everything and everyone is on your to-do list, it’s easy to forget to take time out for YOU.

Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando

This season, Just Blow It wants you to start a new tradition.

It’s all about carving out me-time in order to help you look and feel your best.

Test Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando Tips

We made our own list, which includes some quick and easy tips to get your Holiday Hair and Makeup looking festive really fast.

At home, try doing:

  1. Sleek and Straight Locks: This literally looks good on everyone. It is clean, fun, and looks great with every outfit. You can customize it by adding volume or even a fun braid, which really keeps your hair tamed during the wintertime.
  2. Big Bouncy Curls: When it comes to the holidays, bigger is so much better! Having big, voluminous curls add so much more to your look. Throw in a little bit of texture and you are good to go.
  3. Fabulous Up-Dos: Pulling your hair back away from your face instantly adds elegance to your look. Add volume by curling your hair and then teasing it before pulling it back.

Bonus Tip: You can always add some bling to your look with a fancy hair piece.

Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando
Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando
Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando
Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando

Makeup Tips for the Holidays

Polish off your new hairdo with:

  1. Red Lips: Red lips over the holidays is a must. Think you can’t pull it off? WRONG. It looks good on everyone!
  2. Shimmery Eyes: Afraid of a smoky eye? Smoky does not mean black. Browns and golds are so in this holiday season. For lighter skin tones, silver with warmer tones (taupes and browns) look so beautiful. Gold and burgundy, too, go very well with darker skin tones. If you really want to make your eyes pop, try a white eyeliner in the water crease to open up the eye. Next, add a gold shimmer on top to add some drama.
  3. Highlighters: Highlighters are also in trend. Plus, the extra bling fits right in with all the holiday glitz and glam themes all around. However, choosing the right highlighter is a must. For example, purple highlighters may look super scary. However, if you blend it right, these are gorgeous on medium skin tones. Our makeup artist in Orlando recommends deeper golds for darker skin tones and icy highlighters for lighter skin tones.
Professional Hair and Makeup Orlando

Start a New Tradition

If you really want to step it up this holiday season, come visit us at Just Blow It! Dramatic hair and makeup are just $80 – and we do it fast and right. Visit our professional hair and makeup bar in Orlando today!

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