March 4, 2018 Just Blow It Orlando

Prom Hair and Makeup Artist in Orlando

Can you believe it’s almost prom season?! Eeek! Our favorite time of year! We absolutely love working with gorgeous gals, and are so proud of the work we put in to achieve their fairytale prom look. With that being said, we are super grateful for the young women that allow us to be apart of their special day. From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU!

Hair and Makeup Blow Dry Bar in Orlando

At Just Blow It, we understand the importance of this day and we will do everything to make it perfect.

We are no stranger to braided up-dos and fancy makeup requests so give us a call to book your prom hair and makeup styles in Orlando! In the meantime, we would like to share some knowledge.

Here are JBI’s top 5 Prom Hair & Makeup tips:

You will have tons of pics that will end up on Instagram, Facebook and maybe even in your high school yearbook, so wear a little extra makeup then usual! Flashes and not-so-great photo lighting tend to wash you out, so take the extra step and fill in your brows, apply false lashes and

Make a Schedule: When you are pre-prom planning, it is best to have a schedule! Timing will be key so know where you need to be and at one time. This will help you determine the times you will have available to get beautiful! This will include, hair and makeup, getting dressed, taking pictures, eating and meeting with your friends before you go out.

Plan Ahead: Prom season is jam-packed, so the number one rule is — book your appointments in advance! Do your research and find a great salon that is best for what you are looking for! You can also eliminate time and stress by finding a salon that offers both hair and makeup services in Orlando. At Just Blow It, we have 8 stations for hair and makeup and everyone one of them will be full to the max. Don’t wait until’ the last minute and be a little flexible. Everyone will be looking at the same time slots as you do, but if your appointment is earlier than the day, your hair and makeup will be fine. Hairspray and setting spray will make it last!

Bring pictures: Get on Pinterest and decide what look you are going to ahead of time. Bring pictures with you to your appointment and consider the dress and style you are going for. Also, get your stylists’ opinion! This is what they do all day everyday so take advantage of their expertise.

Prom Hair and Makeup Blow Dry Bar in Orlando

Choosing a look: Prom is the time to do something different and try a new look! This will be one of the most fun nights of your life, so make it count! Step outside your comfort zone and be GLAM! There are SO many beauty options, as long as you are true to who you are, you will be absolute perfection!

Makeup tips: Classic makeup moves like a bright lip, a subtle cat eye, and bold brows will always be in style and make you look instantly glam. Make it last all night — setting spray is KEY. Bring some powder with you to the dance! Your t-zones will get shiny from all of the dancing and excitement, so bring some powder and touch them up while in the ladies room with your BFF’s throughout the night!

Prom Hair and Makeup Blow Dry Bar in Orlando

Bring your Bestie Just Blow It Orlando

Getting your hair and makeup done is a pampering sesh that should not be done alone!

Bring your bestie and make a day of it!

Prom Hair and Makeup Blow Dry Bar in Orlando