Just Blow It – Blow Dry Bar & Boutique is an establishment offering social, convenient and affordable styling enhancement services for women of all ages. Services include blow dry, hair styling, fashion accessories, cosmetics, personal grooming and trendy, practical solutions. Whether you have a special event or occasion, hot date or just want to eliminate the stress of “getting ready” for any day or night, you will leave Just Blow It feeling chic, glamorous and looking gorgeous.

Blow Dry Bars are currently the beauty industry’s hottest luxury trend, allowing salon-goers to attain styles ranging from sleek and straight, to curly, beachy, or even evening-ready for around the same cost as a pedicure. Just Blow It has taken the blow dry bar concept and added additional services to allow for a “one stop shop” where fashionistas can have it all. It’s more than just hair, it’s the fun environment and the people that surround you that make it social styling!



We are family owned & operated, providing a personal styling experience to every customer.