Your favorite JBI stylists are hosting exciting, hands-on workshops to teach YOU how to beautify yourself! All of the classes have a limited number of seats to ensure a personalized experience and they are all just $40! All the dirty details are linked in the descriptions below. Stay tuned for more exciting workshops at your favorite local social spot!

Makeup 101 Beauty Workshop

June 12 at 3pm

June 26 at 11am

We love an Instagram filtered makeup look as much as the next girl, but you gotta start with the basics– the details that help you with your basic makeup routine to get ready for an everyday look. In this 90-minute Makeup 101 Workshop, we will be breaking down the beauty essentials and even going further into 101 territory with hacks that can take you from office to date night in just a few simple steps. Whether you’ve glossed over the nitty gritty of each product or are just learning how to build a routine that fits your personality or schedule, consider this your guide to keeping makeup simple and approachable. This foundation of knowledge will also be your stepping stone into the more advanced, creative ways to use makeup.  $40

Beginner Braids Workshop

June 19 at 1pm

Look at Pinterest, Instagram or the Red Carpet and you’ll see that braids are a trend that is here to stay! Adding a fun braid to your look can take you through brunch, workouts and even into your more formal occasions.

Join us at Just Blow It for an exciting hands-on 1 hour workshop that will break down popular braids into just a few easy steps that, YES, even you can do! $40

Beginner Braids (with model) Workshop

June 5 at 12pm

Are you dreaming of being able braid your daughter’s hair like the pros? We have the answer for you!

Join us at Just Blow It for an exciting hands-on 2 hour workshop that will break down popular braids into just a few easy steps that, YES, even you can do! Bring your daughter, sister or your best friend! The sky is the limit. $40

Smokey Eye & False Lash Workshop

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The smokey eye is a classic! It can be a lighter, day-time wear and easily transformed to a fierce night eye with just a few easy steps. Depending on your eye shape you can also have a lot of fun creating different shapes and styles with your look! Join the talented team at Just Blow It for a class that is all about the eyes! In this 1 hour workshop, you will receive an exciting, hands-on experience on how to achieve a smokey eye look that you can do to yourself at home every day! You will also learn step by step instructions on how to apply false lashes, which always take your makeup look to the next level. $40

Makeup Contour & Highlight Workshop

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Ready to put your best face forward? We’ve got you covered (literally)! Contouring can be a tough task, but we have the secrets for you! There is special attention to detail that goes into it and we are ready to show you how to tackle it! In this 60-minute Crash Course to Contour, the talented team at Just Blow It will teach you the art behind sculpting, defining, and enhancing your natural features. $40